Topeka Kansas

Topeka Kansas

As the state capital of Kansas, Topeka is the largest employer in the entire state. They employ approximately 8,400 people making up approximately 69 percent of the government workers for the city of Topeka. It’s long been said that the ratio of government workers in the city of Topeka are one to ever five persons in the city of Topeka.

Topeka offers up many educational and health services for the working population. With four school districts employing almost 4,700 persons and the Washburn University employing about 1,650 persons, they are one of the three larger employers for the region.

There is also the healthcare facilities of Stormont-Vail HealthCare and St. Francis Health Center rounding out the mix for employment opportunities in the Topeka area. Topeka also boasts the usual trades of working at Wal-Mart and Dillion’s, accounting for nearly one-tenth of the employment opportunities for the region.

The remaining industries for the region include financial institutions, rental leasing real estate agents, insurance agencies, management companies, administrative employees and waste management services. This, in addition to the typical shopping and entertainment facilities.

Located in the central region of the United States. Topeka is often cited as home to Pentecostals. It was the site of Charles Fox Parham’s Bethel Bible College. It’s also home to Reverend Charles Sheldon who wrote the book In His Steps and coined the phrase, “What Would Jesus Do or WWJD?”.

Topeka also has one of the few churches in the entire United States to have a sanctuary that is entirely decorated with none other than Tiffany stained glass at the First Presbyterian Church.

A large Roman Catholic population nicely rounds out the larger religious options followed by the Baha’i Faith as the oldest continuous Baha’i community in the region. There are many religious options in Topeka.